Kelantan DLS Kits & Logo 2023

The kelantan football association which is popularly known as The Red Warriors is one of the professional football associations based in the Kota Bharu, in Malaysian state of Kelantan. Of course this football team has been played in the top tier of Malaysian football, the liga super since 2009. Of course it was founded in the year of 1946 as Kelantan Amateur Football Association, they have a long-standing rivalry with Terengganu, the two east coast teams are involved in what is known as the East Coast Derby.

The full name of this team is Kelantan Football Association, Persatuan Bola Sepak Kelantan. It has several nicknames from them “The Red Warriors (Pahlawan Merah)” and the Golden Deers (Kijang Emas). The short name of this team is TRW. This team has its own ground and its name is Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium of course the ground capacity is 30,000. That being said guys let’s get into our today’s topic.

Kelantan Dream League Soccer

From this blog post you will learn about the famous jersi kelantan dream league soccer 2023 and many more other aspects about this team. Mainly here we are focusing on 512×512 kits url’s and logo url. Also we have given the best downloading procedure which can help you in uploading your favorite kits to your devices. So without further ado let’s get started.

This team has all varieties of jersies such as home kit, away kit, third kit and also the goalkeeper home kit, gk away kit and the goalkeeper third kit. If you’re curious to have its logo then don’t worry we have given it too. You just need to copy the code that we given below and paste it to apply them to your favorite players and enjoy the game. Here the highlight thing is the images that we customised for our followers. So don’t miss to check those images under the downloading steps.

Kelantan Logo & Kit Dream League Soccer URL’s

If you’d like to get your favorite dream league soccer 512×512 kits & logo you must have to have their specified url’s which can lead you to upload them into your favorite devices. So without the url’s you can not play the DLS game. So for now to download the kelantan fc kit & logo dls 2023 you have to chose any of your favorite one from the below table.

Kelantan Logo & KitURL to Copy
Home kit
Away Kit
Third kit
Goalkeeper Home kit
Goalkeeper Away kit
Goalkeeper Third kit

Now you can grab any of your favorite kelantan united dls kit to your playing device. If you’re facing any interruptions while uploading them into your devices then please let us know your exact error while uploading. But before commenting you have to make sure to re-check the code that you copied whether correct or not and have you pasted it with the proper steps! That’s all now without further ado let’s show you the downloading procedure.

How Do You Download Kelantan Kits on Dream League Soccer?

Do you know the procedure to download your favorite DLS 512×512 kits & logo! if not, you can check out the below steps that can help you to apply your wishing kit to your targeted players. Make sure to have a correct and updated url first and then proceed as per the below steps. The kit & logo in DLS will be yours and play the game with joy.

  • First of all you have to “select and copy the url” (You can see all the url’s below which given above the image)
  • Now you need to launch “DLS 2023 Game” in your device
  • Now from dls menu bar you need to chose “My Club” option
  • Then tap on “Customise Team” option
  • In this step you can chose either “Edit Kit” or “Edit Logo” option as per your wish
  • After that you can hit on “Download” option
  • Here you must “Paste The URL” which you copied from our website as per our first step.
  • Finally, you have to hit on “Confirm” option which locates below of the corner.

This is the downloading procedure that can lead your players looks like an amazing team with proper jersy of your favorite team. But in case if you face any errors while uploading any of your favorite dream league soccer then do check out the url from the above url and compare with your current one if it is wrong please use our codes from the above given table or from the below.

URL’s And Jersey’s Of Kelantan 512×512 Kits & Logo’s For DLS 2023

Now its time to look at our favorite logo dls kelantan and other kits of this team along with their images. Through the below list of images you can observe your interested team jersi color and their attractive look. We’ve also described in a short way of every kit and logo as well. So read that too. That’s all let’s reveal the images now.

DLS 512×512 Logo Kelantan



Have you been checking for logo kelantan dream league soccer 2023 version then here it is. The url of this logo has been mentioned above of this image. You can observe its nick name “The red warrior” on top of this image. One deer also drawn on it. It looks most attractive and everyone will like it to have on thier DLS list. This logo is available in the size of 512×512 and everyone can grab it now for free.

Kelantan Home kit DLS



This is the kelantan 512×512 home dream league soccer kit. If you are curious to get it into your favorite devices then please use the above code to copy and paste them in your devices and enjoy the game with your favorite players after applying it on to them. There are two more kits of home jersy you can use them too if you’d like to.

Kelantan Home kit DLS 2



Kelantan Home kit DLS 3



Kelantan Away kit DLS



are you eager to apply this away kit in your device and play the game with this kit too then here is the code which is given above the image. You simply have to copy the code and then paste it in your device as per our downloading procedure. The color of this away kit is blue and red combination. We hope you’ve liked this well customised jersy.

Kelantan Third kit DLS



The third kit of this kelantan team is available in the colors of red and white combination. It feels more comfortable to wear and play the game. The players also looks stylish and professional. The url of this kit is given above the image, so simply copy it from there and paste it as per the above downloading procedure.

Kelantan Goalkeeper Home kit DLS



The goalkeeper home kit color combination is yellow, black and blue stripes. There are so many users who wants to grab this goalkeeper home kit for their favorite players and want to make their game excited. So if you’re one of them…please use the url given above the image and paste it to collect this kit.

Kelantan Goalkeeper Away kit DLS



This is the kelantan goalkeeper away kit which has more popularity in this team. The color of this kit is the mixture of black, white and blue here and there. If you’re fond of this kit then make sure to copy the above url and then paste it as per the downloading procedure that we’ve already given in the above list. Definitely you will be amazed after you applied to your players in your device. So don’t miss to use this kit and opportunity.

Kelantan Goalkeeper Third kit DLS



If you’re interested to play the game as a goalkeeper mostly then here is the best and beautiful customised goalkeeper third kit. The size of this kit is 512×512. URL of this kit has been mentioned above the image and of course the color combination is attracting many players to upload it to their devices and play with it. It is freely available now for every player.

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Here kit kelantan dream league soccer 2023 is available now. We hope, all the above mentioned URLs will be useful to you. If you find any mistake or error, then make a comment beneath in comments section. So that we can clear the error very soon by suggesting some useful steps.

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