Our Comprehensive Guide to Free, Demo Slots You Can Play Online in Thailand

Free casino games are available at most Thai casinos and they have also become ubiquitous at review sites. As the name suggests, they let you play for free and test the waters before you jump in at the deep end with real money.

Check out our guide to playing these games below.

Remember the Basics

Always remember the following:

  • Free games function like the real ones, albeit without the transfer of money.
  • They have the same rules, paylines, RTP, and features.
  • You cannot win or lose money.
  • Most online slots and table games have free variants, also known as “demo mode” or “free play”.
  • Progressive jackpots and “Drop and Wins” are not available during free play.
  • Just because you win or lose in free play doesn’t mean the same thing will happen in real money play.

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Check the Rules

Players want complexity and an abundance of features, so slots can be fairly complicated these days, as evidenced by the many immersive titles at casinotopsonline.com/th.

It helps, therefore, to check the settings, peruse the rules, and make sure you know what you’re doing. Clicking the little menu icon (often represented by three horizontal lines or a lowercase “i”) should always be your first step upon launching a new slot. The same is true for table games, which are also available in demo mode.

Learn the Volatility

How often does the game pay and how big are those payouts? This is known as the volatility or variance, and you’ll get a feel for it when you play.

It’s important, as it will impact your total wager. Low volatility slots pay frequently but usually release small amounts; high volatility slots do the opposite. So, if you’re planning on a short session time with just 10 or 20 spins, low volatility is best. If you’re there for the long haul and want to chase big wins, opt for high volatility. 

Volatility levels are occasionally displayed in the settings, but the RTP/house edge changes things, so it’s best to play the game and see what it’s all about.

Buy the Bonus

Many modern games feature an option to “Buy the Bonus”, whereby you pay a fixed sum (based on your stake) and jump straight to the bonus game. It’s not always a cost-effective way to play, but you won’t find that out until you actually enter the bonus round. So, get a feel for the game’s main feature by unlocking it in free play

It’s not your money, so you have nothing to lose, but if you pay attention to how much you win, and do it several times, you’ll know whether buying the bonus is worth the cost in real money play.

Don’t Just Focus on Slots

Most players prefer slots, so these games dominate the free-play sector. But you can also play table games for free. Oftentimes, it makes more sense, as the majority of slots are automatic and based purely on chance—just spin and wait—while table games require some player choice and input.

Don’t know the rules of blackjack or baccarat? Free play mode is a great place to figure them out. Don’t know which bets are best in roulette? Place a few wagers for free.

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Summary: Enjoy!

Lastly, try to enjoy yourself! Casino games are supposed to be fun. If you’re not having fun, they’re probably not for you. The rise in popularity of free play slots is mainly down to the fact that players love these games, and by playing for free, they can get all of the enjoyment without any of the risk.

Remember that and have fun!

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