Official Dream League Soccer Kits 2022 (Free to use)

From this blog post we are going to mention all the Latest Dream League Soccer Kits & Logo’s ( 2022), so you can check them and use them for free and they are full customised to use in your favorite DLS 2022 game.

The Dream League Soccer is getting magnificent following from the football followers, It is giving very much excitement and new experiences for players.They are using Dream League Soccer Kits for their favorite teams,which the players chose has his wish.Every player will enjoy this game,it means each player can select their TEAM, and their satisfying KITS,BOOTS,NAME OF THE TEAM and the particular LOGO,etc. In this below article you can find out may more details of this game Dream League Soccer Kits & Logos.

Here one should know the process how to changes the Team and how to get the latest updated DLS KITS & new LOGO? Then we must use the URL of the particular team’s KIT and particular LOGO.In this below article, we are providing you all latest URL’s of all the KITS and LOGO’S of every team.Then you can find your favorite team’s URL and get your wishing kits and logo’s.

Then we’re showing you the latest officially launched 2022 logos,kits and 512x512jerseys..,etc so to achieve them you have to press on the below shown links and there you’ll find out the URL and that URL should be placed in the Customize section.


Here you might not be enjoyable sometimes with your favorite team jerseys,it would be shoes,it would be logo’s,it would be colors, it could be anything which is connecting to the DLS team. Sometimes when your getting distracted, you would be wishing to change your favorite team’s kits,logo’s,jerseys,.. etc

Later you should come after the below steps and it will be useful to you to edit yours kits,logos,shoes,players and also we can edit kit colors each everything in your team according to your wish.

  1. To start our method you have launch ” Dream League Soccer 2022″
  2. Then click on the “Team Management “
  3. Then you will find “Player Development,Dream FC Stadium,Statics,Customize Team,Objective and Training”
  4. From those different options,we have to click on “Customize Team”


The selected option will show you “Edit Kits, Edit Team Name, Edit Players,etc “

If you would like to edit player then you have to hit on the “Edit Player” from the “Customize Team”

edit player

  • After choosing the ”Edit Player” you can change your wishing “Boot Colors”, “Shirt Numbers”, by hit on the player


  • If you would like to edit your kits then you have click on the “Edit Kit” from the “Customise Team”


  • Once after selecting the “Edit Kit” you have a chance to choose “Edit Home Kit” “Edit Away Kit” “Short Number Fonts”   “Kit Types” and also you can “Trim”


  • If you’re wishing to change the kit colour then you have to hit on the “Edit Kit Colour” that lies in the “Edit Kit” option which you’ve been selected from the “Customise Team” option
  • If you would like to change your logo, then you can do it at anytime simply by few options such as “Left And Right Navigation Arrows”


  • Later choosing the navigation arrows there you will find the changing logo’s with their team names. If you want to “change your team name” then just hit on the “Edit Team Name” and then spontaneously the logo will turns to particular team.
  • If you would like to use a special designed logo, then you have to simply hit on the “Edit logo”, we have to click on the “Download” option and here “Paste The URL” which you have been copied from the below steps.


  • As shown in the above image click on the “save button”,which locates right hand corner side of the “Edit Logo” screen

Here by using this procedure you can change everything as you wish. We explained every step with clear images as shown above, you will get a better idea to follow them on your device.

Important points: If you would like to delete any of your downloaded logo’s, you have to press on the “Reset” option which is located on the top left hand side of the “Edit Logo” screen.

In the same way, if you want to delete any of your kit, you have to click on the option “delete” which lies on the “Edit Kit” screen.

DLS 512X512 Kits And Logo’s

For this 2022 year,The DLS has been updated to new version, and the game is giving much more excitement than it’s odler version game.Here from the images you can get all the logo’s URLs and kits URLs of the different country teams as mentioned below.

Barcelona DLS Kits

Barcelona logo

Realmadrid DLS Kits

Real Madrid Logo

DLS Manchester United Kits



Logo Of PSG

The above shown kits are most admired kits in the world of dream league soccer kits. if you would to get them for your favorite team then you must click on them and they will give you a best platform and you will get an URL and that URL should be used to paste in your CUSTOMISE section of your favorite team.

Famous Dream League Soccer Kits (DLS) For 2022

In fact, we all know that the DLS game has updated to latest version and the teams also getting changes for this new year 2022.All those kits and logos have been changing including their URL’s ,so then click on the below shown teams and you can get their all different kinds of 512×512 equipment to play this soccer game on your any device it may be.

The above mentioned kits are the very much useful and trending kits, many of the DLS players using those kits for their favorite teams. you can also use them for your loving team.

Simple Procedure To Get The 512×512 Kits & Logos For Dream League Soccer Team

If your not knowing the process how to get one of those kits for your supporting team then be with us and we will provied the complete information to get 512×512 kits & logo’s for your lovable DLS team. Then why late just look forward into the topic.

  1. Tab on “Download” option
  2. Choose “Enter The URL”
  3. In this, you have to paste  “Kit 512×512 FC Portuguese”

But has we shown in the above step, you can use your Favorite team like we have used our “Favorite team”.

  1. Then paste your team URL, you will see some separate images “Image1,Image2,image3,Image4,..etc”
  2. From those appeared images,  you have to hit on the “Image1”
  3. After that you have to “Save Image”
  4. Next “Open Image”
  5. Image will be open in the “New Tab”
  6. For this image you have to “Search In the Google”
  7. Then now you must “Copy that image “ and “Copy Image URL”
  8. Now select “OPEN Image”
  9. Tab on your “Selected Image “
  10. Finally, hit on the option “Download”

Here finally your image has been downloaded successfully. we have clearly told you that  we used our lovable team name but you can use any team name according to your interest in DLS team. if you want a brief explanation,we had also prepared that steps just scroll down your cursor and read the below given paragraph that will help you to gain the complete knowledge regrading the kit’s & logos of your favorite team.

Alternate Method

  1. Commonly, in the first step you will get this option “Download”, click on that.
  2. Then to get “Your Team kits”,you should give your details.For that will get “Enter URL” option
  3. Now, in that URL option,you have to give the “Team Details Such As Kit Size”
  4. You need to provide your favorite team kit size “Kit  52×512 FC Portuguese”
  5. Then it brings us “Lot of Jerseys”
  6. You need to choose one of your “Favorite Jerseys” in that group of jerseys
  7. It delivers the “Six Options”
  8. Options are 1)save the image,2)open image in new tab,3)open image,4)search google for this image,5)copy image,6)copy image URL
  9. From the shown six options you had to press on the “3)open image”
  10. It will be appear very soon then you must hit on “Download” option  which will be shown “Below of The Image”
  11. Within seconds,immediately you will receive a notification which says that “Image Has Been Downloaded Successfully”

I am sure that you have understood our explanation word to word get your favorite DLS team kits and logos through the above shown instructions. If you have any doubts are failed to understand any above shown steps then you fallow the next shown method then you can easily download your favorite team’s jersey.

Final Words:

In this article you will get complete information about the Dream League Soccer Kits. The above mentioned kits are belongs to different kind of teams from different places of the world.If you would like to get them for your favorite DLS team then you have to use the above mentioned 512×512 URL’s.

If anybody is interested to get the kits which are not mentioned in this session,  just place a comment then we will come to know about that kits.